June 26th, 2004


$LJHOME not set ???

I have LJ up and running fine, but every minute I'm getting an
email with the following subject

Cron <lj@blahblah> /home/lj/bin/ljmaint.pl clean_caches >/dev/null

and the following message body:

$LJHOME not set.

I thought I had LJHOME added as environment variable in all the right places, but apparently not. Any suggestions?

New Post a Comment Feature

Well, as many of you may have seen, LiveJournal added a new feature, which allows you to respond to a comment immediately, by selecting the "Reply to this" link, then a little box appears underneath it, allowing you to respond to that without going to a whole new page.

My question: where can I find information on how to implement that into my Web site?