February 4th, 2005

Another problem when uploading images

Hi friends,

I encountered a strange problem when I tried to upload pictures as personal avatar into system.

It reports "You have an error in SQL query....(followed by some strange characters)".

both of using URL or upload from file got this error.

I guess the strange characters were the content in blob field of the userpicblob2 table,

but how come got this error?

It is becoz of the version of my mysql server? it is 3.23.56

Thanks for any help!

Making S2 the default

I'd like to encourage our users to use the cool new features of S2 styles (/customize/ over /manage.bml). Since it's been a while since S2 was introduced, I'd like to make S2 our default style engine for new users. We're still in beta, so we don't have many users right now.

How do I do this? (Also, how would I change the default S1 style anyway?)