May 5th, 2005

livejournal mods...


we've got the version of livejournal up/running on our test server!!!!

however, this looks nothing like the site....

so, we need to figure out how/what to modify regarding the look/feel of the site...

are there people that we can talk to about this... are there pointers that we can turn to...



additional functionality...


our goal is to create a sort of 'yahoo groups' functionality. given that, we'd like to allow users to be able to review msgs/add msgs/post pics/view pics posted by others, when the user is in a given group/community..

has anyone else created this kiind of structure using livejournal? is what we're looking for reasonably doable?


-bruce template/sample


is it possible to look/review the templates used to create the look/feel of the index/default page... this would give us more of an understanding as to how to modify the livejournal app..

or, if someone has similar pages/information that we can look/review, as well as seeing the actual pages being displayed, we'd like to see it.



admin/management/template question...


given that the livejournal app is setup to allow an admin to create their own 'yahoo group' kind of sites. we assume that the app/template system allow different users/types of users to use different templates.


overall site admin
-admin template for managing users creating their own groups/communities
-admin functions for managing the communities/groups

group site admin
-admin template/functions for managing users of the given group/community

user template/admin
-allow individual user to be able to manage their own information....

so, my basic question/guess is that it would be possible to access different templates depending on the user/type of user logging in. any pointers as to how to implement this.

i logged into my site as both a test/system user and didn't see any change to the default template..


Chris Zero

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EDIT: HUGE thank you to vanbeast - I got everything up and running successfully with his help. ;)

Thanks to everyone that offered help yesterday with my mod_perl issue.

I'm fairly new to Linux, and have found the whole LJ installation a bit overwhelming. After installing Debian today, I continued to run into problems getting mod_perl and apache to behave, and never got anywhere with the installation. It seems as though once I get one problem fixed, another pops up. Now, Apache is complaining that it can't find the modules listed in httpd.conf. :/ I've removed Apache with the plans to reinstall and try again, but I'm done for today.

I've opened the box up to friends who want to give it a shot. If anyone would like to take a look and see if you can get it worked out, you're welcome to it. Just give me a comment.

Thanks anyway, though, for the help yesterday!
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multiple templates.. based on user login


is it possible to have a user login and be given a page with one template/set of functions/links, and have another user, be given a different template/set of functions/links...

in other words, can i vary the default template that defferent users would see after they log in...

any thoughts/ideas/comments as to how this would/could be implemented..