July 20th, 2005

  • wspnut

Me Again

My OpenID is still giving me problems when people from certain *.livejournal.com accounts (paid ones). Also, when I try to login with wspnut.livejournal.com (free account here at LJ) I get:


Does anyone know what this means? I'm only getting this from my computer; other users seem to be able to log in fine.

But also another user (who has a permanent account here) recieved the following error:

  • no_identity_server: The provided URL doesn't declare its OpenID identity server.

    Which would make sense if it was looking for http://username.livejournal.com/openid/ as the server root... or something else... I really don't know.
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    Assistance with my install - BML problem

    I'm trying to get the LJ code running on my server (I have an HTML "coming soon" page up there for the time being) and I've run up against a brick wall.

    I'm getting only [Error: Undefined custom element 'PAGE'] if I try and display any BML page. The server is working properly, as you can see by the above link to the HTML page, but if you go directly to a BML page you can see what I mean. (And yes - before you ask, I did RTFM, all of sections II and III; I didn't get any hints.)

    I'm running with almost exactly what's in CVS - the only changes I've made are to ljconfig.pl, and not many at that (here's a diff). Thus, as best I understand it, I'm not using "ljcom" as was suggested by xb95 in my last post - that's only for site-specific customizations, yes?

    I don't have an htdocs/_config-local.bml, and my htdocs/_config.bml is unmodified, and therefore has DefaultScheme bluewhite at the top - and cgi-bin/bml/scheme/bluewhite.look is where it belongs.

    Everything that I've tried seems to check out. I've tried running several of the Perl files at the command line (and they all work); I've tried getting new code from CVS and re-running the initialization routines listed in the documentation; I've pored over the Perl code and tried to back-trace to see what the matter could be (but I'm not getting too far on that front). I'm not even sure what else I should be looking at, at this point. Help?? :)

    The server is SuSE 9.1, running Apache 2.0.49 as the main port-80 webserver, and it is reverse proxying for the Apache 1.3.33 server (built from the mod_perl 1.29 source) at port 8011 (which is working, but you can bypass it by specifying the port number). Please let me know if you can suggest anything else for me to look at.
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