Jason (squeaky19) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Problem with talkread.bml exporting variables to HEAD

Ever since the AJAX comment management and quickreply has been introduced into the livejournal codebase I haven't been able to get it to work. Today I finally got the chance to delve deep into the code and found a problem in talkread.bml.

It seems with perl5.8 if a <?code code?> block is buried within the <=BODY section of a file, and that code section creates a variable that needs to be accessed by another section such as HEAD or TITLE, that data does not travel. I am assuming that LJ.com is still using an earlier version of perl (probably 5.6) that doesn't run into this.

I have made a modification to talkread.bml that eliminates this problem, I have created a diff at http://www.squeak.net/talkread.bml.diff.

I would submit this to zilla, but in the past my submissions such as this seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Am I insane or is this really a problem others have run into.

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