May 5th, 2007

Me in the sun

Upgrade woes (CVS to SVN trunk!)

I've been running an install that's not been updated since before the switch to SVN. I moved all the files I had to one side because I couldn't get them to update properly through SVN. I checked out the trunk version from SVN, and got the files installed.

I'm having problems with updating the database.

bin/upgrading/ -r -p barfs with the following output:
ALTER TABLE subs ADD INDEX (etypeid, journalid);
# Running...
# ERROR: Key column 'etypeid' doesn't exist in table

Sure enough, it's not there, but that's the whole reason I'm trying to upgrade the DB.

I'm guessing when I moved all the original files to one side, I moved something that tells what the current state of the DB is, but I'm stumped on where to find it, or even if that's correct.