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No Userpics current CVS - More Info

I am Running Livejournal on top of Debain Sarge. Went and got the Perl files I needed. runs fine with no errors. Site comes up and runs fine. No errors in Apache error log. But I cannot get editpics.bml to accept picture files, it doesn't generate any error messages it just doesn't seem to take any of the inputs (file, url, keywords, or comments). It's like it isn't even error checking because I can put garbage in each field and still get the same flashes when you hit "Proceed" and then comes back to the same screen.

At Brads suggestion I was able to generate captchas with bin/ gen_image_captchas. The 500 blogs get generated in var/blogs.... and the reference entries for the 500 captchas get created in the database.

I am running with USERPIC_MOGFILES = 0;, USERPIC_BLOBSERVER = 1; and the default BLOBINFO that gets created in ljdefaults. I tried to run to the database by setting USERPIC_BLOBSERVER =0; but that din't work either.

My default capability clase is 2 (5 userpics), and that is making its way into the user table in the database when I add new users.

I have tried everything in the fields URLS, huge pic files (to try to get a error), files that worked when uploading to, no keywords, many keywords, comments etc. but still get nothing more than a flash. When the page first comes up the page after hitting proceed it comes back as

Any ideas?

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