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Out of memory... MySQL tuning?

Recently our users have occasionally been getting a "sendmail... Not enough space" error from ljmail.pl.  Disk space is fine -- the system is running out of memory.  This is Solaris 8 with 20GB of memory but only 4GB of swap.  A process listing shows the Apache processes sucking up most of the 20GB:  5 are using ~2GB, 6 are using ~500MB, other are using ~100MB, on down. Very light traffic -- less than 100 posts and comments per day.  Apache restarted just a week ago.

Will increasing the swap space help, or will it simply delay the problem?  I wouldn't think it should need this much memory for our small site.  I'm thinking we'd be better off tuning the MySQL parameters, but I've been unable to find any LiveJournal-specific guidance for tuning MySQL for memory use (vs speed).  MySQL is still using its defaults (key_buffer_size=8MB, table_cache=64).

We are using LiveJournal ~2005-10-27, Apache 1.3.31, mod_perl 1.29, and MySQL 4.0.17.

Should I concentrate on increasing swap space or on tuning MySQL or other?  If tuning MySQL, any guidance?  Thanks...

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