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Localisation - can't seem to make en_LOCAL.dat changes live

Hi all,

I am investigating using LJ as the basis for a youth/alumni community site for a large international organisation. Although (theoretically) LJ does mostly everything that I would be looking for, it's kinda HUGE. I suppose I am a bit concerned that if we adopt the LJ system, we'll be on a huge learning curve and may not be able to respond quickly to issues (sucurity or otherwise) that arise.

Having said that, progress on a test site is starting to work ok.


I have made changes to en.dat and called them en_LOCAL.dat [bin/upgrading/en_LOCAL.dat], as suggested in the docs. But no matter what I do I can't seem to make these changes go live.

I have also made the suggested changes to text-local.dat, which now reads:

#EnglishLOCAL is child of English for general domain:
lang:100:en_LOCAL:English (Local):sim:en

(I didn't include the line setting EnglishLocal as a root of FAQ, because it made the load tool barf)

To try to load the language files (I assume that this is supposed to parse them and put them into the database), I did the following:

bin/upgrading/ load

then, because the pages were still showing the old text:

bin/upgrading/ load --local-lang=en_LOCAL

The first time I ran the load command, I got the following:

Populating text...
added: 0
added: 2780

so it looked like something was really going on.

I even set the local language as en_LOCAL instead of plain old "en" in htdocs/_config-local.bml

A couple of hours later... I took some time to check exactly what was going on in cgi-bin/Apache/, and see that if the browser sends a choice of languages in the request header, LJ will try to use one of these. Since my main browsers (FireFox/Safari) were sending a variety of strings (en, en_us, en_uk), these were being chosen over and above LJ's en_LOCAL. My other browser, Camino, did not seem to send this header, so en_LOCAL was being set correctly.

Surely, if there's an en_LOCAL, LJ should use this to override a browser-requested "en"??? But that's not happening, so I call it a bug.

Should I just directly override en.dat as a workaround?


Trying to update the breadcrumbs, I made a copy of the file cgi-bin/, as cgi-bin/, made some changes, then ran bin/upgrading/ loadcrumbs. But alas, no changes have appeared on the site.


I can't seem to change the button at the bottom of update.bml. It's labelled "Update Journal" and I am trying to change most of the uses of "Journal" to "Blog". Nothing I do seems to change this - I regularly restart apache, use the texttool script etc, but to no avail. Some people on this list seem to restart mySQL after making some changes - surely that's not necessary too?

Can anyone please help me with these issues? They are driving me crazy - I have the feeling that there's probably something basic that I have missed doing which may get most of these working.

Stephen Brandon

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