vrsamurai (vrsamurai) wrote in lj_everywhere,

newbie premissions question

I have recently got livejournal installation up and running. The wiki was extremely helpful.

As directed in the wiki, I created a system account and gave this account admin and siteadmin privledges with the * argument. I cannot, however, access the www.myjounral.com/admin/ directory (although I can access the admi/priv directory). I get a forbidden error. I also installed the docs that should show up at www.myjournal.com/doc/server, but I also get a forbidden error. I compared directory permissions between directories such as /stats that I have access to and the ones that are forbidden, and everything appears the same. What am I missing?

Also, how is the index.bml page structured on the site? Specifically, how does the index.bml know to pull in the left nav and the bluewhite.look scheme.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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