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Bah. Spam.

* How to make my journal site multi-lingual. I've got some buddies who know german/french/hungarian and so on and I'd like to be able to use setlang.bml to allow users to switch between languages. This is like, a huge priority question. I don't want keith to be pissed at me when I tell him that his wonderful translation won't be used. (eek)

* Account Types visible in support requests and on the info page (so users can point at others and say "iM bEtTeR tHaN u!!")


* My "moods" table wasn't populated, so there's no list of moods at the update.bml page (It just has the option of "None, or other:"). Does this gotta be done manually or can it be done in a speedy automatic sorta way?

There might be more that come up. I'll let y'all know if I have something else I'm curious about.

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