Not Interested (botheredone) wrote in lj_everywhere,
Not Interested

Newbe with some questions

Hello. I'm a self-taught ASP programmer who is at an intermediate level. I'm looking at developing something similar to Livejournal while using ASP. I understand this site uses MySQL, Perl, and other languages I'm unfamiliar with. As such, I'm a little confused with the opensource available.

I'm not looking for lessons on the code, but I am curious about the setup. When I visit certain places in regards to LiveJournal opensource, like the database schema, I see the setup of how at least the main database of LiveJournal works. I've only looked at about half the tables in what appears to be quite a large database, but I have yet to find where the user journals are stored. Is all the user account information stored in different tables of one database, then accessed in accordance to the person that logs in?

I understand my questions are probably very simple, but I've been looking at the opensource areas and haven't found something that really explains it to me. If you have answers or suggestions on where I should be looking, I'd be much obliged.

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