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Hi again. Heh

I have everything up and running but I've run into a few snags with some accounts that I've set up.

Problem the first
I set up some test accounts and they were sent the email verify link and I click it and it says the link has expired - doesn't matter how quickly I get to it - it's always expired.

I turned on the $EVERYONE_VALID and it still does the same thing. When I click the link to send a new verification email it says that it has already been verified AND when I try to log in I can't. (Gives a username/password error)

Is there a way I can go in and manually verify these accounts? I'm assuming that since they are not verified that I cannot log in but I could be wrong about that. (I can log in to the system account with no problems)

Problem the second
It is not setting the URL for the users correctly. For example if you go to (not the real URL :P) it will load properly but if you go to it gives me an error stating that it is not redirecting properly. I have set it up to only use the subdomains. Why would it be doing this? Have I missed a setting somewhere?

Clarification and addition: Using LJ as an example, if you type in it redirects to which I am assuming the code I am using should do as well and I am confused as to why it is not. That is where the redirection error is coming from.

In addition to this, links that should go to are showing up as - ie twocorpses - when you hover over the "twocorpses" part to see the url it shows the incorrect url. Why would it be doing this?

Problem the third
I have no clue if this may be causing the other problems but here goes. When I restart apache-perl I get this error:
Starting apache-perl 1.3 web server...Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /var/www/lj/cgi-bin/ line 3294.
Unable to add Blockwatch hooks to Cache::Memcached client object: Can't locate object method "add_hook" via package "Cache::Memcached" at /var/www/lj/cgi-bin/LJ/ line 344.

It does start because I can access the site without problems (aside from the ones already mentioned). I am less concerned about the Memcached part of the error but could the first part of the error (about be causing the other problems?

Problem the fourth SOLVED
In the instructions here it states to use a local directory and then use
$ -c -s
to "activate" the customizations. One of the problems I'm encountering is that I don't have a legal folder. So would I put this legal folder and my TOS in the local directory under CVS and run that command or would I just put it in the main LJ directory and it should work? (cause I did that and it didn't - unless I have to restart apache but I'm pretty sure I did that) How do I get these extra files onto the server AND working?

Thank you so so much and I hope that the other things I have questions about will resolve themselves as I do my tweaking.

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