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I have 4-year-old LiveJournal code up and running under one of my domains. After the rather detailed installation, the LJCode Wiki is woefully short on how to customize things.

I desperately need one or two people who can see what I'm not seeing in this code. I'm beginning to assume it is deliberately obtuse.

(a) Subversion has me snowed on using its code to update what I have. One thing I have learned is that there are a LOT of important changes between my 4yo code and the current running code, that are NOT included if you do an update from the 4yo to the recent. What this means is that I have to do several updates in steps, to capture all the major changes. I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to do that.

(b) If there is anywhere else I can tinker to change settings - beside - it's not obvious.

(c) Just where is it in this code that you can go to change a user's account status? Let's say they shell out for a paid account. Just where does an admin go (or where is it auto-coded) to upgrade that user's permissions? How does it know TO upgrade the permissions?

This code is deliberately obtuse, that much I can say. I could really use one or two people - who would, of course, get permanent accounts with lotsa room for icons and such - who can make sense out of this post-installation.


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