twocorpses (twocorpses) wrote in lj_everywhere,


Okay, so I'm working on getting everything up and running on my new server and am running into a snag when I do the install.

A couple of questions:

1) Is it better to do a full install onto the new server or just copy the files and update? (I have started a full install but thought I'd get input)
2) If it is better to do a full install, is there another location for the steps at the wiki? I can't access it right now and am following the old steps on the LJ site.
3) If the old steps on the LJ site are pretty much ok to use, then perhaps y'all can help me with the following error:

Subversion directory 'livejournal' doesn't exist under /home/lj/cvs. Re-run mul ticvs/cvsreport with --checkout for me to automatically get it for you.

I get this error after running:

wcmtools/bin/ --conf=livejournal/cvs/multicvs.conf --init

Suggestions? Thanks!

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