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Reporting bugs in the code

I'm just passing on some information I learnt today about how we report bugs.

A post here within the last month said to report them at http://rt.livejournal.org/. Looks like that's changed. :-/

I tried to use the bugtracker today, and couldn't. So, I asked in LiveJournal.com Support:
The RT bugtracker isn't allowing users to create new tickets in the 'Bugs' queue. Well, it isn't allowing me to at least! The 'Quick Ticket' creation menu only allow tickets to be created in other queues (DJabberd, Gearman, Memcached, MogileFS, & Perlbal). None of the other menus seem to lead to a page to create new tickets from. Oh, I log into it with my LiveJournal URL in the OpenID field.
I got the following reply:
The RT bugtracker has been decommissioned, and it is no longer possible to create new tickets in it. If you would like to report a bug, please open a support request describing the issue. The support volunteers can then verify the issue and inform the developers if necessary.
So far as I know you can't provide attachments on support requests, nor can others make (unscreened) comments on them without you sharing your request auth code (which is frowned upon I think). Anyway, done passing on.

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