Aithine (aithine) wrote in lj_everywhere,

system privileges snafu

Attempting to install LJ on my server and I've been mostly successful (got a lot further on the first try than I expected *g*), however, I've run into a snag - running $LJHOME/bin/upgrading/ (I've run it a couple of diff. times after it making minor changes when it didn't run correctly the first time) returns this error message:

Creating system account...
Already exists.
Modifying 'system' account...
Giving 'system' account 'admin' priv on all areas...
Couldn't grant system account admin privs

So naturally, when I try to visit ./admin/priv/?user=system, it tells me:

(you do not have access to grant any privileges)

I've looked through all the docs at, and the database schema and through the mysql tables, but I can't figure out where the setting to grant the "system" user admin privs is.

I have mysql set with really restrictive privs for the LJ instance - with usage only (no privs) in the mysql.user table and all privs on the lj.* database - that shouldn't cause problems, right?

*sigh* Help!

Thanks. :)

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