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FTP problems

I'm hoping someone has seen this before and will be able to help, any help would certainly be much appreciated because I'm tearing my hair out with this one.

I've installed LJ on my own server and I'm trying to get the files in /home/lj/htdocs visible via FTP, which I'm not able to do at present. On my server, the FTP currently goes to /home/virtual/site1/fst/var/www/html, even though pages for the web site are served from /home/lj/htdocs. Via FTP you can only see as far back as var, eg. for the html files /var/www/html.

I've tried copying all the files from /home/lj/htdocs to ...var/www/html, and then make a symbolic link to this directory from htdocs - in my theory (which hasn't worked ;( ) this would let LJ still work okay while allowing the files to be viewed via FTP.

However, as soon as I do this, I get a 'Forbidden' error on the site, i.e. 'You are not authorized to view the file at /'

Does anyone have any familiarity with this type of problem or have a suggestion about how it could be resolved? All the apache config stuff points towards the /var/www/html directories rather than $LJHOME, though the site serves pages perfectly happily from $LJHOME/htdocs (I don't understand why) until I do this symbolic link.

I know I haven't posted all the config info etc. (that would make this post huge) but if anyone has seen this before and knows generically speaking how it might be solved, that would be fantastic - or if a quick look in a config file would help just let me know and I'll post the relevant info. Nothing I try at the moment seems to work, so any suggestions would be *very* welcome ;).

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