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Todo list for launch

Mark asked me to come up with a list of stuff we need to get done before we do major promotion of LiveJournal to outside siteadmins and developers. Here's my attempt at that, and suggested owners for the various items. I think three weeks is a good timeframe for getting all this done.

Priorities: A == absolute must, B == near-must, C == would be really nice.

A1) Homepage
We need a homepage for the LiveJournal system that targets developers and admins, and makes sense to people who haven't spent the last several months using livejournal.com. Owner: Brad? Mark? Alan? other?
A2) Windows client
We need a full-featured open-source Windows client that supports alternate servers (preferably via configuration in the installer) without hackery. I'd rather raise the issue of which client in a separate post. Owner could be Evan, or anyone who could hack the visions client (Anatoly, Brad, Tim, Scott, ...?)
A3) Unix client
Ditto for Unix. Preferably a new release of LoserJabber, with a new name and fixed alternate-server support. I don't know what current command-line clients look like. Owner: Evan
A4) Server code cleanup
We need another round of cleanup of the server code - I did the last round, and believe me, there's still stuff left. Owner: Alan.
B1) Public CVS server
Self-explanatory. Owner: Brad
B2) Basic quickstart documentation
I'm already working on this, see previous lj_dev posts. Owner: Alan
B3) Cleanup of front page
We need to put news on the front page by default (and make the news user), offer appropriate out-of-box text for a non-lj.com installation, and generally make things more usable and useful. Owners: Mark, Alan, many kibitzers
B4) Blurbs, PR material
Make the stuff we have more accessible, write more stuff, flog media, etc. Owner: Mark
C1) Whitepapers, articles
More substantial articles on LiveJournal. Owner: Mark
C2) Site-design and default style cleanup
We don't need to make everything perfect before showing it to the outside world, but it'd be nice for it to fix some of the more egregious ugliness. Owner: Mark, Alan, many kibitzers

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