Weed (weedthepenguin) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Database problem.

I've been running my LJ site for a little over a year now. A few days ago, my partition filled up that my database is on. I'm not exactly sure why, but I'm guessing that any part of the database that was written to while the device was full, was damaged. I've fixed most of the damaged sections, but I'm still having a few problems. My stats are not updating correctly, http://www.weedweb.net/stats.bml you can see for yourself, the site really has over 250 users, and my user directory is not working correctly. I know it's one of the database tables, I'm just not sure which one, I have limited knowlege when it comes to LJ related problems. Thanks in advance for any help. And I'm also looking for someone that would be interested in administrating the site in the future, It's apparent I don't know enough about LJ to do the job right. :)

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