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Chris Schmidt

After more than a month of hard work, the staff is ready to announce our site as open to the public. is a new LiveJournal based system geared towards the professional and business user. This site currently offers all the features that LiveJournal does, but in a slightly different tiered system. The only account type that is free on is the "Basic Account", which allows commenting and reading, but which will not allow any posting of journal entries.

The "Only paid users can post" idea makes this site geared around a very different principle than LiveJournal. Rather than offering a place for everyone to post a journal, is geared towards being a more professional alternative.

Some features to enhance this idea are already in the works. Features such as pinging and are already in development, as well as more advanced notification options on posts. hopes to offer such features as a "Watch this thread!" option, which would allow a user to receive all comments posted to a specific entry. This feature would make the use of communities and threads as a discussion forum more viable. To this end, is also looking forward to offering different types of community options. For example, by setting a community to be a "Mailing List" style, notification on all posts and comments can be sent to users, allowing for more discussion to take place on a specific topic. Another feature at is branded hosting. Should a specific company wish to use as their communications base, can offer a subdomain which offers a scheme specific to their company, allowing for employees of the company to always view with their own corporate look. Any company that wishes to take advantage of this option can contact in order to work out specific details of such a plan. (An example of such a setup is available via the test setup.)

Another major difference between LiveJournal and is the administrative setup for the site. While LiveJournal has long been set up with one or two key administrative contacts, has a tiered management system already in place. Each part of is governed by a manager, who runs the communities related to their specific area of development of the site. Each of these managers is free to do what they need to do in order to get their job done, and communicate with the operator of the site only when a higher-level decision is necessary. This setup reflects a more business-like approach to the administrative efforts than is generally used on most LiveJournal clone sites.

One of the primary problems in many businesses is communication. This is true throughout the business world, but is especially true in small business and web-based businesses. Many web-based communication tools integrate features of forums, but often fall short of providing a viable communication tool for businesses. The LiveJournal system can offer a valid and feasible tool to implement a communication tool, and hopes to provide such a tool.

Because all users at are paid, offers discounted prices compared to most other journal services. currently offers Full accounts for as low as 12 USD for a full year.

For more information on, feel free to contact xb95 or myself, or to email Mark or myself directly. Additionally, feel free to join on if you have any questions or ideas about

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