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"User messed up Template def." - because userproplite not set

Hi guys,

congrats to the LJ::users_count() =~ /1,000,000/

on my installation whenever a new user joins (Create Journal) he's getting a
"xxx has a messed up template definiton" on "recent events" (lastn). Calendar, friends works though.
I looked into the source and found that a new user doesn't get set any userproplites and no userprops. i.e. there's no upropid=s1_lastn_style (it seams there are no userprops set at all)

after a
insert into userproplite (userid,upropid,value) values ($new_user_id,36,28);

or a modify journal and "Save" (without changing anything)

the new user can view his most recent journal (last)

any ideas how to fix that? am i missing any cvs updates (I installed the tarball from last year) ?

thanks, T

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