eadz (eadz) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Few questions

Firstly, thankyou to the developers of LiveJournal!

I have installed the code on a debian unstable system, everything went according to the docs, using mod_perl, and inside a <VirtualHost>. I have read the manual a few times and the answers to the below don't appear to be in it. Greatfull for any answers.

I would like to change every instance of "Journal" to "Blog" and "LiveJournal" to "MyBloggingSite". I can change what's hardcoded into the .bml files no problem, but I'm not sure where I should change the content in the ml_ database tables. I.e. if I should edit them in the database. What's the best way to do this translation so if I need to upgrade ( using cvs version at the moment ) I can keep my translations?

How do I get journaltype to show up on the userinfo page? e.g. paid, early adopter etc.

The S2 style system - is it stable? if so how can I make it the default for any new user? And what file should I look into so I can add the custom threaded comments to the other S2 styles?

MySQL 4 - anyone use the caching feature of mysql 4? does it speed things up?

Thanks in advance :)

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