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Trackback and LiveJournal

Several months ago, there was a discussion in lj_biz about Trackback pinging. As can be seen from the discussion there, most users were in favor of the idea. It recieved support from all involved, and bradfitz has stated that he plans on implementing this, and that it would "be pretty simple". However, as of yet, no development on this aspect of weblogging has been forthcoming from the server.

One of the goals has always had as a daughter site is enhancing and improving the LiveJournal code for use by webloggers. As part of that goal, has implemented outbound Trackback pinging.

Trackback can be used in a number of ways, but almost all of them are dedicated towards more communication between authors of various journals and weblogs. Whether your preferred use of Trackback be remote commenting, gathering meta data on different posts, or simply aggregating content across different locations, Trackback is a useful tool.

Similar to the pinging that LiveJournal recently implemented, this tool allows the LiveJournal code to fit more seamlessly into the wider world of weblogs. By combining the centralized server aspect with some of the features offered by individual Content Management Systems, sites are able to alter the LJ code to provide an easy to set up weblog while still offering all the functionality of a full-featured content management system.

For more information on the Trackback pinging set up at, feel free to checkout the Plogs Changelog. All code changes are available there. Following the spirit of, is an open source journalling site working to increase awareness of LiveJournal in the weblogging and business world.

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