Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_everywhere,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Upcoming BML change

There's a big BML change going into CVS sometime today or tomorrow that everybody should be aware of.

If you run an LJ site with a custom scheme, you'll need to move your look file up to cgi-bin/bml/schemes and rename it from generic.look to schemename.look. Also, add to it:


Further, cgi-bin/bmlp.cfg and cgi-bin/bmlp-local.cfg are being deleted and won't be read anymore. Instead, there are files _config.bml and _config-local.bml at the top of htdocs/. You'll need to make a _config-local.bml, mimicing _config.bml to put your DefaultScheme line in. (It's basically the same format as bmlp.cfg, but without the Location: lines.)

You've been warned.

(everybody running auto-update-from-CVS scripts nightly really shouldn't be doing that... it's never a good idea.)

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