Arrr... where be the lindy? (nss) wrote in lj_everywhere,
Arrr... where be the lindy?


My friend is setting up a server, can you help? Feel free to leave any comments.

On Fri, 12 Apr 2002, Michael Tang Helmeste wrote:
> Hi, saw all your posts on the lj_everywhere community, so thought you
> be a good one to ask, sorry if I'm bothering you or anything =P
> I am starting a livejournal site at (not on the internet
> yet, its just sitting next to my desktop as I installify all the good
> software)
> I got the livejournal software running ok, but it says:
> ---------------------
> What is Log.GlassFish.Net?
> Word words.
> You'll want to customize this page. Read the docs/customizing.txt file
> ---------------------
> on the front page, and conveniently docs/customizing.txt is missing, can't
> find it anywhere in CVS, or any of the communities on
> can you link me up with one of these customizing.txt's or another place
> which tells how to customize livejournal, or even just the names of files
> that determine the style/layout/text on the pages, or a directory in which
> they are found?
> Thanks for any help :)
> ---
> Commit virtual suicide today, delete your C library!

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