Weed (weedthepenguin) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Jitemid and jtalkid.

I've investigated my duplicate entry problem some more and I think I'm getting closer to a conclusion. After looking at my database tables, such as log2, talktext2, talk2. I've noticed that jitemid in log2, and jtalkid, in logtext2 and talk2 are not consecutive numbers for each userid. As far as I know, these are always supposed to be consecutive for a user, and I suppose the inconsucutive numbers is what is fouling up the post number when you go to post a comment or journal entry, resulting in duplicates. I tried to remember what little I know about mysql and fix the problem by using MAX(jtalkid) instead of the current value used, but that didn't work, and is most likely not even close to the right track. But if someone could point me to a proper work-around to fixing this problem, that wouldn't require editing database data, I'd be really happy. :) Sorry for the poor wording and whatnot, but I've been up late for the past 5 nights trying to fix this, as that is the only time I get to work on things because of work.

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