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Yesterday afternoon I was looking through the error log, and noticed a few "Out of memory!, Callback called exit" Messages. I've looked up the error on google groups and all that I garthered was that that message is usually produced when there's some bad code, putting mod_perl into and endless loop of some sort. I've found what will produce the message, so far it's only hits on certain users' journal pages. It seems to only effect people using S1 styles, it's hard to tell yet though. I've checked the server's memory, it appears to be running fine, free memory ranging anywhere from 20 - 50 free megs, which is where my old server use to run, and without problems. As of now, about 50% of the users can't access their journal entries, lucky for me, they all think it's just "their computer being stupid" for now and haven't started to annoy me yet. Back on topic...If anyone has had this problem before, please give me a solution to diagnose the problem more thoroughly. Thanks

I've narrowed it down to being one of the s1 style tables, not sure which ones yet though. And I still have no clue how it could have gotten damaged so bad.

If you want an example of a non-functional journal page. http://www.weedweb.net/users/skittles1369


Problem fixed, somehow s1stylecache got damaged....Anyone have an idea how that could have happened to produce the out of memory error?

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