Aaron B. Russell (idigital) wrote in lj_everywhere,
Aaron B. Russell

Can't use string ("1") as an ARRAY ref

Okay, I made the change to sub nodb as suggested by bradfitz and that fixed the userinfo. (What caused Apache::DBI to be used instead of DBI, out of curiosity? Was that a problem with how I compiled mod_perl?) The comments pages have this at the top of the page, however:
[Error: Can't use string ("1") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" in use at /home/www-minilog/cgi-bin/ljlib.pl line 5040. @ plato.rocketdogcreative.com]

I'm not sure if it's a help or a hinderance to add this info, line 4935 is just below the start of sub load_talk_props2, and the array ref it's referring to is @$listref in the line:
foreach (@$listref) {

(Link to broken comments page: http://www.new.minilog.com/users/idigital/314.html )

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