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I'm running a copy of LiveJournal at uJournal.org. It is currently running FreeBSD. The version of perl that is installed with the system is 5.00503. When I upgrade to 5.6.1 (via /usr/ports) and recompile/install everything (mod_perl and all the perl modules) Apache dumps core. I can't so much as 'apachectl configtest' without gaining a 'httpd.core'. If I revert back to the system version of Perl and recompile/install everything again, I can get Apache running, but not everything functions properly...

# ./cvsreport.pl
Not enough arguments for mkdir at ./cvsreport.pl line 181, near "$fulldir unless"
Execution of ./cvsreport.pl aborted due to compilation errors.

and when posting comments...

[Error: syntax error at (eval 126) line 197, near "$u->" syntax error at (eval 126) line 197, near "})" syntax error at (eval 126) line 199, near "} }" ]

I wasn't having so much trouble before I switched over to mod_perl. Is there a certain version of Perl that will work best? Or, and I completely missing something?

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