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I'm new here, well as such, I've known about the site for several years, thought about installing the code on my own site, so, finally I did, and with that joined.

The problem I'm facing though, is actually installing, its more of a confusion than anything really. After long email support quieries with my host on getting perl modules installed, they are finally installed. I completed the install process up to the setting up the system user.

I start to get confused around here.
I've ran $LJHOME/bin/upgrading/ and added/updated my system user. The documentation says "You now have the ability to login to your LJ site as user "system" with the password you set and then grant priviledges from the admin section to other users: http://your-lj-server/admin/priv/" If I try and login to that, my hosting is set to have anything set as /admin direct to my ensim admin panel.

Is there anyway to change this, or shall I contact my host?

Thanks alot


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