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An introduction and a question...

I am trying to setup the livejournal code from cvs root so I can basically create my own goathack account and start writting some patches for LJ...
Currently the computer I am trying to install it on is a p2 350 running debian (2.2.0-potato)
I have apache installed and running, Perl is installed and running just fine, BML is installed and running just fine, for a little bored added bonus I put php4 on there. MySQL is installed and running fine also, my main question, where are the instructions on what to do after you
$ export CVSROOT=':pserver:anonymous@cvs.livejournal.org:/home/cvslj'
$ cvs login
$ cvs co livejournal ljcom

I tried modifying the httpd.conf file like it shows in the INSTALL.apache.txt file (before they changed the version just recently) and I got segmentation faults. Took it out and apachectl restart worked fine.
I guess my main question is my web root is /var/www/ I don't mind making this the LJ root but what do I do to put all the stuff from cvs on apache root.
Then an added bonus question? Is it ok to run localhost as the virtual host, or do I really have to try to specify something (I might end up screwing up dns stuff If I specify a fake value.)
Thanks to anyone who decides to help :)

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