Shuji (shuji) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Hey all.

Recently I've been attempting to install lj locally onto my HD, but it has proved to be one problem after another (especially considering my lack of experience in the field). However, when I found this community, I thought I might be able to seek out some help. I've been following the documentation as closely as I could, up to Chapter 6 section 2 ( I've set the $LJHOME variable, and used winzip to extract the contents of the tar to the directory I set $LJHOME to (/home/zaero). When I run in that directory, though, it says 'cvs is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
Failed to run ... do you have the cvs/ dir?

There is definitely a cvs directory in /home/zaero. Any ideas what might be going wrong?
It's my suspicion that I'm doing it all wrong by using command prompt...
Running Windows XP.

And yes, I'm a major newbie to it all. It has been quite an introduction to the way perl works :)

Cheers in advance.

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