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A question again...

Hello everyone I have another question about installing the livejournal and ljcom stuff from the cvs... I have created /home/lj/cvs livejournal and ljcom and then ln -s ljcom livejournal.... As per one of brads suggestions so when I use the cvsreport.pl tool it gets both parts... Everything seems to be working good, the dystopia theme is all loaded in plus most of the livejournal stuff. On to the questions...
1) How do I programmicly make someone a paid account? I went into $LJHOME/cgi-bin/ljconfig.pl and set
and then I created an account, it sent me an email stating that I need to validate, plus my user isn't paid...
2) How do I setup the directory database? is there a tool like bin/upgrading/update-db.pl for setting up the directory? When I try ./directory.bml, I get an error that says the directory database not available. In addition it is currently setup to be paid only also, but I should be getting a different message than this.

Any help, as usual, is appreciated.

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