Idle Xero (idlexero) wrote in lj_everywhere,
Idle Xero

I'm not sure why I'm getting this error when I try to add a user to my friends list:

"Error adding one or more friends: Journal type cannot add friends"

Here's what I have in my file for my account type...the user I'm trying to add also has the same account type:

'3' => { # 0x08
'_name' => 'professional account',
'paid' => 1,
'styles' => 1,
'makepoll' => 1,
'userpics' => 15,
'useremail' => 1,
'directory' => 1,
'textmessaging' => 1,
'can_post' => 1,
'userdomain' => 1,
'moodthemecreate' => 1,
'synd_quota' => 100,
'findsim' => 1,
'weblogscom' => 1,
'maxfriends' => 750,

It seems like such a simple error but I can't find anything wrong in my file, I've restarted apache a few times to make sure it's reading the new file...but nothing changed. If you need anymore infomation just leave a comment...Thanks.

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