JustGags (justgags) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Internet Explorer Issues?

I have been testing my journal site ( ) in various browsers, and in Internet Explorer, which unfortunately is also the most popular browser, there seems to be a 5ish pixel margin appear on the right and bottom of the page whenever I navigate from page to page. Pressing Refresh makes the margin disappear, but I would like there to be zero margin in initial page load. There is no margin in Opera, Netscape, or Mozilla. In the HTML, I have also specifically specified in the BODY tag for there to be "0" page margins. I even formatted my linux box, and reloaded the LJ code from CVS instead of tarball as last time, but the problem continues to occur, any suggestions?

This issue is quite annoying as, if you go to my site, my sites logo is meant to be nestled in the upper right corner.

Thanks in advance!


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