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Time to hire some help?

I run a journaling site that's been online for a couple of months now and I've sort of just let it run itself because I'm too busy to really devote the time it needs.

What I need help with is some configuration stuff and some custom design.

In the future, I hope to contribute to the LJ development community by writing documentation, but right now, I don't have the time to even get all the tweaks finished on my own site.

The main thing I need help with is writing hooks - mostly for account type display, but a couple of others too. I also need help with setting up account codes for new paid accounts. What I mean is a a way to query the database for a list of codes for people who want to sign up for a paid account.

Or, if anyone has good documentation for writing hooks, I'd be happy to do it myself or put one of my own people on it. The main problem I'm having is understanding the way BML and the writing of hooks works. I'm not a programmer, that's for sure. I'm a competent PHP hack and I'm pretty good with databases, but BML? It's got me stumped. It looks easier than HTML - which I'm fluent in, but erm... it's not.

I'm willing to pay, but I am soooo far from rich. So, if you're willing to do some work and you won't make it too painful, I'd love to hire you.

My test site is http://journalfen.com - that has the design I'd like to go forward with - and the working site is http://journalfen.net I haven't updated the software on .net for awhile now.

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