JustGags (justgags) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Auto Community Joining

Hello, I am attempting to deploy a LiveJournal installation in my local school district, and am attempting to make some very specific changes to code. I have made many successfully, but I would like to do the following things, if anyone knows how, it would be greatly appreciated if they would share their knowledge with me:

1) A link in bluewhite.look that allows the user to view their journal if they are logged in, and prompts them to login if they are not already.

2) A Requirement to login before you can even see the homepage or any subsequent pages.

3) Whenever a new user is created, the user is automatically made a member of communities called "homework," "revisions," "science," "sports," and "other."

4) The creation of a custom public color theme.

5) Removal of the "Date" and "Local time" fields from the update.bml page, while STILL broadcasting the Date and Local time (else it doesn't work).

6) Insertion of [lj-user="asdf"] and [lj-comm="asdf"] (yes, those are supposed to be "<" and ">") into the en.dat file.

Thanks in advance if you can help on ANY of these issues!

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