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For the past year or so I have been interested in using the Livejournal source code for one of my pending sites - with the task looming, I have a few technical questions. Please excuse my ignorance - I am very confident in PHP and MySQL, but Perl and this BML language are somewhat new to me.

1.) I'll start off with the Perl verion; The docs require Version 5.6.1, the current version I have is 5.006001 - this is the same thing, as I understand it. Can I get confirmation?

2.) As per the required PERL modules; I have all the required modules, and most of the optional, with the exception of the following:


Starting with the Unicode, I have been seeing work involved in this... Is the absense of the Unicode::MapUTF8 module going to interfere with a successful install?

The Storable module - I have no idea what this does. Can it's wanting state be ignored? What exactly is it used for, and is there a "patch" so to speak for it's lacking?

I hope I was clear on this... as time goes on, I hope to get more involved in Q&A... but these questions are standing in the way of actually making an attempt at learning how to install.


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