jeffthewookiee (jeffthewookiee) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Calling all LJ server gurus...

Hello all.

I'm a software developer with a large non-profit organization. I'm trying to get livejournal up and running for testing. We're considering using it to support our 25,000 staff in 191 countries, so there's a big opportunity for this to catch on with our organization.

I've worked with Linux and Perl before, but I'm new to Linux admin, and especially LJ admin. I've gotten just about everything required installed for the LJ code. I keep seeing this:

We're currently working on something. The site will be back up shortly.

This message comes up no matter what page I try to pull up on my LJ server.

The apache error log looks like this...
[Wed Sep 24 10:23:35 2003] [notice] Apache/1.3.28 (Unix) mod_perl/1.28 configured -- resuming normal operations
[Wed Sep 24 10:23:35 2003] [notice] Accept mutex: sysvsem (Default: sysvsem)
[Wed Sep 24 10:23:36 2003] [error] Can't call method "selectrow_array" on an undefined value at /livejournal/cgi-bin/ line 5844.

[Wed Sep 24 10:23:40 2003] [error] Can't call method "selectrow_array" on an undefined value at /livejournal/cgi-bin/ line 5844.

Can anyone help?

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