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Help for a beginner?

I've installed some programs on Web servers before including a couple of bulletin boards, so I figured I could handle this one. Uh!!!!! OK. So I've downloaded the tar.gz file & read the instructions several times. But now what? The BB program I installed had step-by-step instructions -- 1. upload *certain files* in ascii/binary mode 2. chmod *certain files* to CMOD-setting, etc. LJ doesn't and I'm lost. I can untar on my harddrive & upload the files or upload the tar.gz file, but don't know how to untar it on the server. Can someone get me moving in the right direction or send me to a tutorial on installing/working with this kind of thing. This is way more complicated than I expected. I'm confident I can do it, it's just got a pretty steep learning curve . TIA! ~ Heidi

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