SmarterJournal (smartjournal) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Invite Codes

I've imported the /invite/ folder from the ljcom cvs and inserted it into my LiveJournal installation. I do believe the /invite/index.bml page works, as it shows codes that I generate from /admin/console/index.bml. However, I do not believe that /invite/gen.bml is working. I have several accounts which have been on the site for well over a week, however, /invite/gen.bml refuses to generate an invite code for the account. Is there something that I need to change in the BML / PERL of the /invite/gen.bml file, or should it work for any installation "out of the box" per say.

I've been thinking, and is it possible that this could be some sort of a system clock OS problem... or is that not possible since the "Date Created" and similar fields are functioning fine.

Thanks in Advance.

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