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CVS Updates

I finally got a friend who has like 10 invite codes to give me one, what a guy :) Anyways since Feb of 2003 I've been so interested in getting the LJ code running on my server. After 6 months we're a wopping 600 users!!! Since then I had to learn Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl and this BML...what fun. But it's awesome :) I was wonder how often should I update from CVS? Also a cool idea would be to run jPilot (web-based IRC client) on LiveJournal going to the #livejournal channel on irc.warped.net it's usually just me BleuLlama, Cryo, moon and Rainer...we'd love more people!

Oh one more thing....when ever my crons get run, the "bdaymail build_randomuserset" cron like deletes entries from the randomuserset and when I click on Find a Random User it just brings me back to the main page which means there has been an error. But if I manually enter in the command to build_randomuserset in terminal I can then click on the Find a Random User and it'll bring me to a random users journal...

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