yarffaJ nalA (jnala) wrote in lj_everywhere,
yarffaJ nalA

Example users and communities in server release?

It's a lot easier to show someone how LiveJournal works than to describe it. On www.livejournal.com, the front page has links to a half-dozen journals for that reason. However, if you set LJ up on another server, it's bare; you don't have example links unless you want to link out to another site. (Besides, you might not want to link to hobagz.skankywhore.com. ;-))

Seems like it'd be cool to have the default installation create several users and communities, pre-populated with styles and themes and entries and comments, and have the front page point to those. example_alice, example_bob, ..., example_eric, example_news, example_discussion, etc.

As for what to put in those journals, I sort of liked the way Blogger handled style selection in the user creation process -- it used Latin in the example journals, so it looked like real words, but the reader's attention was drawn to how the style looked, rather than what the words said.

What do other people think about this idea? Anyone willing to go and actually do it on livejournal.com? (I don't know the style/theme system very well and couldn't create good examples.) If so, then we could just copy the SQL statements about those users into the server source release.

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