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installation issues, cont.

Hey again.

So I've done some quick debugging this morning;

userinfo.bml is saying a username is not registered.

I can either pass the username via user= or by being logged in, and the username gets down to the LJ::load_user() call ok. load_user() does not return a user hash, and it bombs out from there.

I've ran the load_user() SQL query manually and it properly returns my data.
I have also passed the force flag to load_user, to ensure it's fetching from the DB, and it's still not working.
Most other sections of the site related to loading user data seem to work...

What should my look like for a setup of a single DB with a single cluster on it? Would like to double check that mine is ok.

I and the rest of my department would like to get this fixed, so any help is appreciated :/


So I noticed load_user was getting called like:

LJ::load_user($dbr, $user, etc)

...and that it wasn't gobbling $dbr out of the arguments. I removed the initial $dbr argument and now userinfo.bml works.

For my next trick, editing posts made in communities doesn't work.

Are any of these bugs known? Why would they happen?


The community post editing bug was tracked down to another $dbr call on line 1453 of Removed the $dbr and now it works (for me).

My %DBINFO hash looks fine (compared to scsi's).

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