Aiseki (aiseki) wrote in lj_everywhere,

LJ server on windows ?

Before diving in and trying to install an offsite livejournal, is it possible to install livejournal on a Windows XP Pro box? My pc is a 1.4ghz with 512MB and already has these apps running fine for phpnuke: apache_2.0.47, activePerl- for win32, mysql-4.0 for win and php-4.3.2 for win.

It seems that modperl is also needed for LJ, and I think it's available for win boxes.

I want to learn the server side of LJ and set up a small LJ site. Any comments appreciated.. has anyone done this? am I wasting my time trying ? I know the sensible thing is to use nix but switching to linux is'nt an option for me at this time :(

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