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I'm one of those lovely people who wants to run LJ on their site, but has discovered from trying to read the installation docs that I have no idea what they're talking about, and no clue how to do the installation myself.

So, I'm now looking at the three most feasible options for me: learning enough to do it myself (which, while feasible, is not likely - I tend to get a bit bleary eyed when trying to learn computer stuff :( ), not using LJ, or (the one I'm hoping for, though not holding my breath over) find someone who is willing to take pity on a poor, clueless yet ambitious webmaster or who just wants experience in installing instances of LJ, and would be willing to do it for me on a volunteer basis.

I figure if there's any hope for option number 3, this would be the place to find such a person, so I'm asking. Once it's up and running, I should be able to manage things from there (I'm rather good at using scripts, once I can get them installed), but it's getting it set up that will be the problem)

So, if you would be interested, please let me know - you can either respond here, or email me at If you are willing to help, you will certainly be credited on the pages, and I will be glad to provide links to your site or sites as well.

Just as an FYI, my hosting is through Dreamhost, I have 835 megs of space available and allowed 25 gigs of bandwidth per month (currently, I'm using less than 1 gig of that), though I can get more of both if the site I put up proves to be successful. I'll be targeting a somewhat narrow audience, though, so I think it will take a bit before there's many subscribers.

I would also like to ask that no one send messages asking me how I dare make such a request, etc.... believe me, I know it's unlikely that anyone would want to do it for only credits and links in compensation, so I'm not expecting anyone here to jump at the chance - and I'm not going to go get an attitude of "no one would help me - oh boo-hoo - they're such a bunch of snobbish meanies!"... I just figured that since I don't have LJ installed now, I can't possibly be any worse off if I ask and everyone says no, eh?

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